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Ryan Baxter

Design and synthesis of redox-active ligands; new strategies for organometallic catalysis from inexpensive materials; development of new synthetic methods guided by kinetic analysis.

Mike Colvin

Molecular simulations of semi-structured biomolecular systems, including intrinsically disordered proteins and chemically modified DNA.

Eva De Alba

Protein structure and function relationships, protein dynamics, structural studies of macromolecular assemblies, with emphasis on inflammation and cellular death; Protein engineering for biotechnological applications; Biochemistry, Solution-state NMR Spectroscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy.

Fabian Filipp

Quantifying rewiring of systems biology networks using chemical biology; NMR spectroscopy, GCMS, functional genomics, structural and computational biology.

Hrant Hratchian

Developments in quantum chemistry and potential energy surface exploration; computational inorganic chemistry; mechanistic study and rational design of transition metal catalysts.

Christine Isborn

Developing and applying electronic structure theory, molecular dynamics and QM/MM methods to the modeling of photochemistry and solvation.

Anne Myers Kelley

Linear and nonlinear Raman spectroscopies, experiment and theory; surface enhanced spectroscopies.

David Kelley

Ultrafast dynamics and spectroscopy of semiconductor nanoparticles for solar energy conversion.

Michelle Leslie

Chemical education, guided inquiry in organic chemistry.

Andy LiWang

Determining the oscillating mechanism of a biological clock at the protein-structural and dynamics level using biochemistry and NMR spectroscopy.

Patricia LiWang

Protein biochemistry and structural biology; NMR; structure and function of anti-HIV proteins and anti-inflammatory proteins.

Erik Menke

New materials and nanoarchitectures for solar cells and batteries.

Victor Muñoz

Conformational–functional behavior of proteins; kinetic techniques, steady state spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance, single molecule studies, and high performance computing.

Son Nguyen

Nanomaterials for photocatalysis; spectroscopic and mechanistic studies

Aleksandr Noy

Nanofluidics: nanoscale water and ion transport in carbon nanotubes; novel membrane materials for separation and water purification; biomimetic membrane systems. Bioelectronics: novel cellular biointerfaces based on nanomaterials platforms.

Aurora Pribram-Jones

Developing and analyzing static and time-dependent density functional theory, particularly their thermal and ensemble versions; applying density functional and semiclassical methods to atomic and molecular properties, modeling of complex alloys, and studies of warm dense matter systems.

Liang Shi

Developing and applying multi-scale modeling methods to understand the structure, dynamics and spectroscopy of complex condensed-phase molecular systems.

Ben Stokes

Developing new reactions for organic synthesis; exploring organic reaction mechanisms using principles of physical organic chemistry; asymmetric metal catalysis and ligand design; drug candidate identification.

David Strubbe

Computational and theoretical chemistry; excited-state electronic-structure methods, amorphous materials, photovoltaics, thermoelectrics, scientific code development for high-performance computing.

Anand Bala Subramaniam

Colloid and interface science, synthetic biology; Understanding biophysical processes through in vitro reconstitution, active biomimetic materials design, colloidal, polymeric, and biologically active interfaces.

Shahar Sukenik

Biophysical chemistry, structural biology; Understanding the interplay between proteins and their environment by combining biophysical methods and live cell microscopy.

Yue (Jessica) Wang

Materials chemistry, biomimetic materials, conjugated polymers, organic and wearable electronics, environmentally sustainable materials, resin chemistry and functional polymers for 3D printing.

Tao Ye

Scanning probe microscopy study of interfaces; nanoscale machines on surfaces; single molecule analysis of biopolymers.



Petia Gueorguieva
Chemistry and NSED lecturer
AOA 181

Mark Vidensek
Chemistry lecturer
AOA 174