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Forms and Policies

The Chemistry and Chemical Biology policies and procedures are here.

Graduate division policies and necessary forms can be found on the Graduate Division website.

MS and Ph.D. Committee: Advanced degree committees in the Chemistry and Chemical Biology group consist of at least four members. One is the student’s major professor (advisor), two are other UC Merced faculty members in the grad group (one of whom is appointed as Chair), and one is from outside the grad group (external member). This outside member may be a regular or adjunct faculty member from any university or an individual who has special expertise and qualifications. All members of the committee must be in attendance for Ph.D. qualifying and final examinations or Master's comprehensive oral examination. All members of the committee must approve the Master's thesis or Ph.D. dissertation.

Annual Meeting: Each year graduate students should meet with their committee to discuss progress towards the Ph.D. and get feedback, advice, and mentoring. During the meeting (usually about an hour), it is a good idea to prepare some slides on: classes taken, conferences attended, talks/posters presented, papers published, and then to give a short research update as well as an outline of future plans.  Students and their advisor should fill out this annual meeting form and send it to the rest of the committee before the meeting. After the meeting, the chair of the committee fills out their section and sends it back to the student. The student should email the grad chair with the filled in form and a up to date CV. The qualifying exam can serve as the annual meeting.

Ph.D. Qualifying Exam:  All students in the Chemistry and Chemical Biology Ph.D. program are required to pass an oral qualifying examination before advancement to candidacy for the Ph.D. degree. The intent of this examination is to ascertain the breadth of a student’s comprehension of fundamental facts and principles that apply in his or her major field of study. It will also determine the student’s ability to think critically about the theoretical and practical aspects of the field. Accordingly, the examination should be focused on the student’s field of research but may and should venture into other areas of scholarship that underlie or impinge on the thesis topic. Graduate division information about the qualifying exam can be found here.

The steps for the qualifying exam and advancement to candidacy are:

1. Determine exam date with the committee

2. Apply for qualifying exam one month prior to exam date by submitting this form to grad div

3. One week before the exam submit the written research report to the committee and the annual form

4. Day of exam have the qualifying exam report ready, the committee fills in the report after the exam and the chair submits it to grad div

5. After the form is processed by grad div, the graduate coordinator will provide a link for advancement to candidacy

The written research report  (typically five to ten pages, but check with the committee about their expectations) describes the research topic, summarizes progress to date, and outlines the proposed work, why it is relevant, and what will be learned. The committee members should include in their deliberations such factors as relevant portions of the previous academic record, performance on the examination, and an overall evaluation of the student’s performance and potential for scholarly research as indicated during the examination.