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Organic chemistry faculty and students
Examining Synthetic Reactions
Organic chemistry faculty members Baxter and Stokes develop and study synthetic reactions with a variety of physical chemistry techniques. 
Professors Christine Isborn, Mike Colvin and Hrant Hratchian
Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
Theory faculty Isborn, Colvin, Pribram-Jones and Shi model atoms, moles, proteins and materials using quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics and statistical mechanics. 
Professor Anne Kelley
Anne Kelley's Group
uses raman scattering to study the energetics and properties of molecules, materials and nanocrystals. 
Professor Ryan Baxter
Advancing Organic Chemistry Education
Chemistry Professor Ryan Baxter received a CAREER award from NSF to help advance his lab’s work developing new strategies for initiating radical chemical reactions to engineer mild...
Chemistry Professor Patti LiWang
Innovative Delivery System
Patti LiWang's research group had figured out how to make some of the most potent HIV inhibitors even more powerful.


Our research programs range from studying how HIV targets cells and the chemical origins of life to visualizing chemical reactions and improving solar cell efficiencies. Our faculty members are committed to excellence in research and instruction, and have won a variety of awards at regional, national and international levels. 

Whether you are a student, parent, faculty member or visitor, we hope you find what you are looking for. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us.

Featured News

November 18, 2019

A pair of UC Merced researchers are combining computational chemistry and machine learning principles to solve what seems to be an intractable problem at the heart of quantum mechanics: predicting...

November 7, 2019
Professor Wang's proposal on “Impact-Adaptive Conducting Polymers” will enable her group to develop chemical design principles for creating organic electronic materials with mechanical properties...
November 4, 2019

UC Merced Professor Peggy O’Day hopes to improve water quality in the California Delta by studying local wetlands. O’Day is leading a new three-year study of Merced County wetlands that drain into...

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