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Undergraduate Program

Chemicals in a lab settingThe UC Merced chemical sciences undergraduate program is based on a core-plus-emphasis structure that enables students to specialize in particular subfields while each completing a set of core courses designed to meet the requirements for American Chemical Society accreditation. We offer a basic chemistry program and three emphasis tracks: biological chemistry, environmental chemistry and materials chemistry. These tracks allow our students to pursue interdisciplinary areas within a degree program that is still focused on chemistry.

Information about the major, classes and tracks can be found here.

A degree in the chemical sciences opens the door to a wide variety of careers in industry or government service; forensic chemistry in crime laboratories; commercial fields such as patent law and scientific writing; and teaching.  Many chemistry majors go on to graduate study to prepare for careers in teaching and/or research at colleges our universities, or  research positions in the chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics or other high-tech industries. A major in chemistry is also an excellent foundation for medical school or other careers in the health sciences.