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Research Highlight

Prof. Ryan Baxter receives prestigious NSF CAREER award!

Professor Ryan Baxter has been funded by the NSF with a 5-year CAREER award. Professor Baxter is developing new strategies for initiating radical reactions through single-electron transfers. Because one electron reactions (radical reactions) are traditionally viewed as highly reactive and difficult to control, the goal of this research is to better understand fundamental properties of radical initiations to engineer mild and user-friendly experimental protocols.

Prof. Hratchian's work published in JCP is chosen as an Editor's Pick

Professor Hrant Hratchian's work published in JCP is chosen as an Editor's Pick! In this collaborative work with Dan Neumark's spectroscopy group at UC Berkeley, electron velocity-map imaging spectroscopy of cryogenically cooled TiO3H2− anions is used to reveal Herzberg-Teller coupling-induced transitions to Franck-Condon forbidden vibrational levels of the neutral ground state.

Hratchian group funded to explore the chemistry of metal oxides

Professor Hratchian is awarded a Hellman Family Fellowship

Professor Hrant Hratchian has been named a Hellman Family Faculty Fellow. During the fellowship period (2017-2018 Academic Year), the Hratchian Group will pursue the development of efficient electronic structure theory models and will continue exploring the structure and chemistry of metal oxides.

New instrumentation arrives on campus thanks to DoD grant.

A group of eight faculty received a DoD HBCU/MI instrumentation grant for $495,850 to acquire three new instruments for shared research use:
·         A Bruker Vertex 70 research grade FTIR with far-IR and ATR capabilities.
·         A Horiba Fluorolog-3 research grade spectrofluorometer with CCD detector and microwell plate reader.
·         A Thermo Electron high resolution liquid chromatograph/mass spectrometer (in partnership with the NSF-CREST center, there are two instruments with complementary capabilities).

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