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AiMM Travel Award

The AiMM research travel award covers the cost for at least one participant per summer to present their research at a regional or national conference with their AiMM mentor.

2015 Winners

Jocelyn Ochoa with her mentor Prof. Ben Stokes
Employing Alkene Cross-Metathesis Reactions for the Synthesis of Organosilane-Functionalized Silica Surfaces

June Park with her mentor Prof. Anand Subramaniam
Temporal Stability of Lipid Bilayers on Poly(dimethyl)siloxane (PDMS) Surfaces

2014 Winner

Enrique Guerrero with his mentor Prof. Jay Sharping at the 2015 APS March Meeting

Simulating a Parametric Oscillator-Based Dynamical Casimir Effect
Enrique Guerrero*, Allesandro Castelli**, Luis A. Martinez**, Raymond Chao**, Jay E. Sharping**
* Humboldt State University, ** University of California, Merced