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Frequently Asked Questions about the AiMM REU

Is AiMM running in 2017?

  • No, but we hope to restart the AiMM after additional construction to expand our campus. 
  • Am I eligible?
    • You must be a U.S. citizen, a permanent resident, or a U.S. National. You must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program, either part- or full-time, leading to a baccalaureate or associate degree. Students that are transferring from one college or university to another may participate as long as they can document acceptance from the new institution.
  • Are community college students eligible?
    • Absolutely! The best time to participate is when you’re on the cusp of transferring to a four-year institution to finish up your bachelor’s degree. If you’re finished at the community college, but haven’t started at the four-year institution, you’ll need to provide documentation that you’ve been accepted.
  • I’m in the process of transferring to another college or university. Can I still participate?
    • Yes. You’ll need to provide documentation that you’ve been accepted at the new institution. Contact the program co-directors for more information.
  • What background do I need?
    • Candidates should have completed at least their first year of introductory science and calculus courses. Specific projects may have additional requirements.
  • What is the essay prompt on the application?
    • Explain how the UC Merced AiMM REU program will help you further your academic and/or career interests.
  • What are your selection criteria?
    • Preference is given to students from institutions that do not have graduate-level research programs, students with a strong interest in research and pursuing graduate studies in the sciences. Previous undergraduate research experience is not required.
  • Is previous undergraduate research experience required?
    • No.
  • How do I know if my application is complete?
    • We will send you an email notifying you that is complete.
  • What are the actual dates of the program?
    • For 2016, the program runs from June 6 - August 12.
  • My school is on the quarter system, but AiMM starts before the end of my final exams.  Can I still participate?
    • Yes, we can accommodate a later start date for students on the quarter system.
  • Will my travel expenses to and from UC Merced be covered?
    • Yes. We will work with you to arrange travel, which must abide by University and NSF policies.
  • What is the research travel scholarship?
    • At least one participant is chosen every summer for a research travel scholarship to cover the cost of presenting their research at a regional or national conference with their AiMM mentor. This is separate from covering travel to and from UC Merced for the summer program. The scholarship covers the cost of registration, travel to and from the conference site, room and board, and any costs associated with printing a poster. Travel costs must abide by UC and NSF policies.
  • Is health coverage provided?
    • No. You must provide your own health coverage.
  • Where will I live?
    • Participants will be housed in on-campus dorms, with no more than two students to a room.
  • Can I bring my pet?
    • No. Pets are not allowed in the dorms. Service animals are allowed for persons with documented disabilities.
  • If I choose to live off campus, will the program reimburse any of my housing costs?
    • No. The program only provides on-campus housing.
  • Can I bring my car?
    • Yes. On-campus parking is available with a parking pass.
  • Will I have access to the recreation center on campus?
    • Yes. The program covers membership to the recreation center. Membership does not cover additional fees associated with special classes or trips.
  • Can I have a part-time job or take courses during the program?
    • No. This is a full-time program.
  • Do I have to attend all the events scheduled?
    • Yes. Participants must inform the program co-directors if there is an unavoidable absence. Unexcused absences from scheduled events can lead to dismissal from the program.
  • Can I take time off during the program?
    • No. Participants are expected to participate fully throughout the program. They may not go on vacation or take other time off. UC Merced and the AiMM program observe the July 4th holiday.
  • Is the stipend taxable?
    • The stipend that is paid to REU student participants is not a salary or wage for work performed. It is a traineeship, a form of student aid (like a scholarship or fellowship) provided to support a student's education/training in a STEM field. In this case, the student'straining consists of closely mentored independent research. For administrative convenience, organizations may choose to issue payments to REU students using their normal payroll system. The funds received by students may be taxable income under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and may also be subject to state or local taxes. Please consult the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)for additional information. Students might find the IRS's "Tax Information for Students" Website to be particularly helpful.
    • Since your participation does not constitute employment, you will not receive a W-2. And since the stipend payments are not made for the purpose of covering UC Merced educational expenses you will not be provided a 1098T.