Ryan Baxter

Design and synthesis of redox-active ligands; new strategies for organometallic catalysis from inexpensive materials; development of new synthetic methods guided by kinetic analysis.

Mike Colvin

Molecular simulations of semi-structured biomolecular systems, including intrinsically disordered proteins and chemically modified DNA.

Fabian Filipp

Quantifying rewiring of systems biology networks using chemical biology; NMR spectroscopy, GCMS, functional genomics, structural and computational biology.

Hrant Hratchian

Developments in quantum chemistry and potential energy surface exploration; computational inorganic chemistry; mechanistic study and rational design of transition metal catalysts.

Christine Isborn

Theoretical chemistry; developing and applying electronic structure theory, molecular dynamics and QM/MM methods to the modeling of photochemistry and solvation.

Anne Myers Kelley

Linear and nonlinear Raman spectroscopies, experiment and theory; surface enhanced spectroscopies.

David Kelley

Ultrafast dynamics and spectroscopy of semiconductor nanoparticles for solar energy conversion.

Andy LiWang

Determining the oscillating mechanism of a biological clock at the protein-structural and dynamics level using biochemistry and NMR spectroscopy.

Patricia LiWang

Protein biochemistry and structural biology; NMR; structure and function of anti-HIV proteins and anti-inflammatory proteins.

Erik Menke

Materials chemistry; new materials and nanoarchitectures for solar cells and batteries.

Matthew Meyer

Mechanisms of organic and biochemical asymmetric reactions; spontaneous symmetry breaking; new methods for asymmetric synthesis and mechanism.

Victor Muñoz

Conformational–functional behavior of proteins; kinetic techniques, steady state spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance, single molecule studies, and high performance computing.

Aleksandr Noy

Bionanoelectronics, biophysics, and nanofluidics; combining nanowires with membrane proteins to create electronic devices that mimic cellular transport.

Liang Shi

Theoretical chemistry: Developing and applying multi-scale modeling methods to understand the structure, dynamics and spectroscopy of complex condensed-phase molecular systems.

Ben Stokes

Organic chemistry: developing new reactions for organic synthesis; exploring organic reaction mechanisms using principals of physical organic chemistry; asymmetric metal catalysis and ligand design; drug candidate identification.

David Strubbe

Computational and theoretical chemistry; excited-state electronic-structure methods, amorphous materials, photovoltaics, thermoelectrics, scientific code development for high-performance computing.

Anand Bala Subramaniam

Colloid and interface science, synthetic biology; Understanding biophysical processes through in vitro reconstitution, active biomimetic materials design, colloidal, polymeric, and biologically active interfaces.

Tao Ye

Scanning probe microscopy study of interfaces; nanoscale machines on surfaces; single molecule analysis of biopolymers.



Petia Gueorguieva
Chemistry and NSED lecturer
AOA 181

Mark Vidensek
Chemistry lecturer
AOA 174


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