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Organic Chemistry

Optical image of the crystallized RNA precursor D-ribo-amino-oxazoline
Image: Optical image of the crystallized RNA precursor D-ribo-amino-oxazoline.

The Organic Division at UC Merced has a strong background in physical organic chemistry that empowers the development and understanding of synthetic reactions. Ryan Baxter and Ben Stokes are developing new catalytic reactions of inexpensive feedstock chemicals. Ryan uses kinetic analysis to guide the development of metal-catalyzed single-electron transformations, while Ben investigates catalytic asymmetric transformations backed by classical physical organic techniques.

Representative Publications

Amir Keshavarz, Sheida T. Riahinasab, Linda S. Hirst, and Benjamin J. Stokes, “New Promesogenic Ligands for Host Medium Microencapsulationby Quantum Dots via Liquid Crystal Phase Transition Templating.” ACS Applied Nano Materials 2 (4), 2542-2547 (2019)

Riahinasab, S.T.; Keshavarz, A.; Melton, C. N.; Elbaradei, A.; Warren, G. I.; Selinger, R. L. B.; Stokes, B. J.; Hirst, L. S., “Nanoparticle-based hollow microstructures formed by two-stage nematic nucleation and phase separation.” Nat. Commun., 10, 894. (2019)

Xiao Cai, Anargul Tohti, Cristian Ramirez, Hassan Harb, James C. Fettinger, Hrant P. Hratchian, and Benjamin J. Stokes, “Dispersion-Controlled Regioselective Acid-Catalyzed Intramolecular Hydroindolation of cis-Methindolylstyrenes To Access Tetrahydrobenzo[cd]indoles.” Organic Letters 21 (6), 1574-1577 (2019)

Melton, C. N.; Riahinasab, S. T.; Keshavarz, A.; Stokes, B. J.; Hirst, L. S., “Phase Transition-Driven Nanoparticle Assembly in Liquid Crystal Droplets.” Nanomaterials, 8, 146. (2018)

Jordan D. Galloway, Duy N. Mai, Ryan Baxter, “Radical Benzylation of Quinones via C–H Abstraction.” (2019)

Hua, A. M.; Bidwell, S. L.; Baker, S. I.; Hratchian, H. P.; Baxter, R. D. "Experimental and Theoretical Evidence for Nitrogen–Fluorine Halogen Bonding in Silver-Initiated Radical Fluorinations." ACS Catalysis, 9, 3322–3326. (2019)

Akil Hamsath, Jordan D. Galloway, Ryan D. Baxter, “Quinone C–H Alkylations via Oxidative Radical Processes.” Synthesis, 50, 2915–2923 (2018)

Galloway, J. D.; Mai, D. N.; Baxter, R. D  "Silver-Catalyzed Minisci Reactions Using Selectfluor as a Mild Oxidant." Org. Lett, 19, 5772–5775. (2017)